This course provide an overview of 5G technology by answering many questions.

Explain the 5G requirement in term of services and network architecture.

at the end an overview of the 3GPP standards, 5G timeline and Releases content.

This course cover 5G NR network fundamental, explaining the need for 5G and the requirement for a new network architecture,  include a detailed description of the use cases in 5G.

explain the network architecture and deployment options, air interface protocols and radio frame structure; missive MIMO and beamforming, dual connectivity in 5G.

The 5G QoS structures, parameters and flow. QoE concept and model in 5G use cases. 

This course cover 5G NR RF Planning and Design part, explaining the 5G Propagation model, uplink and downlink Link Budget.explain the 5G Air interface dimensioning, cell capacity estimation and equipment dimensioning.

5G Radio Network planning parameters, PCI, RACH, TA and RNA.5G neighbors definitions in different scenarios, NSA, LTE-5G and 5G-5G.

This course cover 5G NR Air Interface, explaining the 5G network architecture, the 5G protocols and channels structure.

explain the Physical Layer Reference Signals, missive MIMO and beamforming, dual connectivity in 5G.

The 5G Procedures, Mobility and carrier aggregation.