This Workshop provide a full understanding of 5G NR network, by a complete modules that explain all 5G aspects, network concept, principals and structure. 

This workshop cover the 5G NR Network architectures end to end, use cases and application, Network slicing and deployment options.

This workshop is designed to provide a deep understanding of 5G NR air interface protocols and procedures, 5G NR physical layer structure, MIMO and beamforming management.

this workshop include air interface capacity, dimensioning  and 5G NR RF planning parameters.


By Completing this workshop, the learner will be able to:

- Discuss 5G Network enabler, 5G requirement and 3GPP standards evolution.

- Describe 5G network architecture radio access and core network.

- Describe 5G use cases and applications.

- Describe 5G network architecture and define the network element rules.

- Describe 5G NR air interface, protocols and 5G NR physical layer structure.

- Describe massive MIMO and beamforming concept, principles and operations.

- Describe 5G scheduling and data transfer procedures.

- Describe 5G network services and procedures.

- Describe 5G air interface capacity and dimensioning.

- Describe and define 5G RF planning parameters.

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