This workshop is designed to provide a full knowledge of VoLTE that will allow the learner to have a deep understanding of all VoLTE aspects. 

This workshop cover the VoLTE network architecture end to end (E-UTRAN, EPC and IMS), protocols, air interface and capacity design, features, VoLTE QoS, end to end signaling and a deep VoLTE troubleshooting, performance and voice quality.

This workshop valuing knowledge acquired through exercises, case studies and the analysis of traces .


By Completing this workshop, the learner will be able to:

- Discuss VoLTE  concept, drivers and benefits compared to GSM and UMTS voice services.

- Describe VoLTE and IMS networks architectures, protocols and procedures.

- Describe VoLTE features and theirs impact on network performance.

- Describe VoLTE parameters and counters.

- Define VoLTE strategies for different scenarios.

- Troubleshoot VoLTE performance and voice quality  issues.

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