Topic outline

    • Course Description:

      This course cover 5G NR RF Planning and Design part, explaining the 5G Propagation model, uplink and downlink Link Budget.

      explain the 5G Air interface dimensioning, cell capacity estimation and equipment dimensioning.

      5G Radio Network planning parameters, PCI, RACH, TA and RNA.

      5G neighbors definitions in different scenarios, NSA, LTE-5G and 5G-5G.

      This course is designed to provide a detailed knowledge of 5G network planning and design. 

      This course is addressed to technical staff working in telecom and IT.

      Course Objectives:

      By Completing this course, you will be able to:

      - Discuss 5G Network propagation model and link budget.

      - Describe 5G air interface dimensioning, cell capacity estimation and required equipment dimensioning.

      - Describe and define 5G RF planning prameters, PCI, RACH, TA and RNA.

      - Define 5G network neighbors in different scenarios.

      Course Content:

      1. 5G NR Introduction
        1. 5G Overview
        2. Network Architecture
        3. NR Air Interface Overview
        4. NR Physical Layer Structure
        5. MIMO and Beamforming in 5G
      2. 5G Propagation Model
        1. Propagation Models Basics
        2. 5G Propagation Modelling
        3. Propagation Loss
        4. Low-band, Mid-band and High-band Propagation
        5. Topographical Data
        6. Penetration Loss for Radio Propagation
      3. 5G Link Budget
        1. Link Budget Overview
        2. 5G Downlink Link Budget
        3. 5G Uplink Link Budget
        4. Cell Coverage Calculation
      4. 5G Air Interface Capacity
        1. Air interface capacity dimensioning process
        2. Traffic Model
        3. Downlink and Uplink Throughput
        4. Cell Capacity Estimation
        5. Required Number of sites
        6. Equipment dimensioning
      5. 5G Radio Network Planning Parameters
        1. 5G PCI Planning
        2. 5G Random Access Overview
        3. PRACH Parameters
        4. PRACH Planning Example
        5. 5G Neighbor Cell Planning in NSA Scenario
        6. LTE to 5G Neighbor Cell Planning
        7. 5G to 5G Neighbor Cell Planning
        8. TA and RNA Planning


      no prerequisites for this course.