Topic outline

    • Course Description:

      This course cover VoLTE concept, architecture, protocols, deployment and optimization.

      This course is designed to provide a detailed knowledge of VoLTE and IMS protocols, procedures, services, features, counters, parameters and their impact on LTE network performance. 

      This course is addressed to technical staff who is responsible of LTE network optimization.

      Course Objectives:

      By Completing this course, you will be able to:

      - Discuss VoLTE  concept, drivers and benefits compared to GSM and UMTS voice services.

      - Describe VoLTE and IMS networks architectures, protocols and procedures.

      - Describe VoLTE features and theirs impact on network performance.

      - Describe VoLTE parameters and counters.

      - Define VoLTE strategies for different scenarios.

      - Troubleshoot VoLTE performance issues. 

      Course Content:

      1. VoLTE Overview
        1. Introduction to voice services
        2. VoLTE concept
        3. VoLTE drivers
        4. Benefits
        5. VoLTE Evolution
        6. Requirements of VoLTE
        7. VoLTE Standardization: GSMA IR.92
        8. Voice over LTE via GAN (VoLGA)
      2. LTE and IMS Network Architecture
        1. LTE Access Network
        2. VoLTE Service Description
        3. IMS Architecture & Components
        4. Application & Control Layers
        5. Access and Transport Layers
        6. IMS Entities
      3. VoLTE Architecture
        1. VoLTE Architecture
        2. VoLTE Entities Description
        3. VoLTE Interface Description
        4. VoLTE UE (User Equipment)
      4. VoLTE and IMS Procedures and Protocols
        1. VoLTE and IMS Procedures
        2. VoLTE and IMS Protocols
        3. LTE UE Perspective
        4. Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP)
        5. RTP Control Protocol (RTCP)
        6. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
      5. LTE-EPC Network Architecture and Protocols
        1. PDN Connectivity
        2. NAS Signaling
        3. Bearer Setup
        4. QoS in VoLTE
        5. VoLTE PDN Connection
        6. PCRF and VoLTE service policy
      6. VoLTE Procedure
        1. Subscription & device configuration
        2. EPS Attach and Default Bearer activation
        3. IMS SIP & SDP for VoLTE
        4. IMS Registration
        5. IMS VoIP Session
        6. VoLTE codecs
        7. Voice Continuity (SRVCC)
        8. E2E Call flow scenarios
        9. VoLTE emergency session
        10. VoLTE Messaging
        11. VoLTE Supplementary Services
        12. CS Fallback
      7. VoLTE Features
        1. Semi Persistent Scheduling
        2. Power Control.
        3. Robust Header Compression ROCH
        4. TTI Bundling
        5. RLC Segmentation
        6. Inter-eNodeB Uplink coordinated multipoint reception UL CoMP
        7. SRVCC
      8. VoLTE Optimization
        1. VoLTE Counters & KPIs
        2. VoLTE Accessibility Troubleshooting
        3. VoLTE Drop Call Troubleshooting
        4. VoLTE Mobility Troubleshooting
        5. SRVCC Troubleshooting
        6. Voice Quality Troubleshooting


      - LTE Air interface

      - LTE Basic Signaling